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Set of plugins that help you start working with Curtain Walls in Tekla Structures as well as help managing various things in the model like attributes, assembly hierarchy.

Tekla software is required to use our solutions.

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Profile Creator 
Assembly Hierarchy 
Attribute Assigner 
Direction Tool 
Facade Sequencer 
Facade Attributes Tool   
Aluminium Panel   
Glass Unit   
Glass Unit Kit   
Profile Connector   
Profile Positioner   
Frame Creator     
Unitized Element     
Stick Facade Sketcher     
Saw Export       
Sheet Optimizer       
Model Checker       
Profile Cutting Optimizer       

































Essential plugins act as helper tools for various small tasks.

Profile Creator – essential plugin for work in Tekla Structures with bespoke profiles. Quick and easy import of curtain wall profile cross sections from dxf to Tekla Structures, multiple files with thousands of profiles at once.

Assembly Hierarchy provides quick overview for complex curtain wall assemblies. Allows easy modification of the hierarchy between multiple assemblies.

Direction Tool helps managing drafting and reports for manufacturing of sheet material – Glass Units or Aluminium Panels.

Façade Sequencer provides ability to automatically assign unique ascending user defined values to objects to easily track assemblies, which floor, which number in row on façade it’s located in.

On the other hand, Attribute Assigner provides ability to copy any UDA or Property to a different field, if necessary to different hierarchy level. As a bonus, it can do comparisons between UDA’s/Properties to check for possible mistakes.

Set-Mainpart solves issues, when using complex components, assembly main part changes to incorrect.